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Just as so you can trace the history or origin of something, Muay Thai or Muay Thai Kickboxing as it’s known to the rest outside of Thailand, digs its beginnings at about 3,000 years old during the time wherein the local people use it as a means of self-defense as they migrated from China to Thailand.

Its information cannot be capsulated within fixed limits for it is believed that the real wonders surrounding Muay Thai were not able to survive the passage of time but still a good portion of it enlightens the fact that it is indeed a fighting technique out of combat reality.

A part of its history stems greatly and is deeply entwined with the history of Thailand and an older form of Kick Boxing called Muay Boran. Due to the continuous invasions from the neighboring countries when Thailand was in the process of forming, the local people greatly depend their ability to defend themselves. Muay Thai Kickboxing is popularly known based on its pseudonym being the ‘art of eight limbs’ wherein it allows and uses of the hand strikes, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and shin (leg) strikes.

Naperville Kickboxing classes-gymsIts popularity greatly soared thanks to the fact that in the recent decade, more and more people are being exposed to the world of Kickboxing and searching for Napervile Kickboxing classes.

Muay Thai’s stand up fight style has become a staple of many MMA professionals and is widely known as one of the most effective fighting styles for mixed martial arts. And that is why Chicago Kickboxing is taking Muay Thai to a whole new level.

As you know that almost any part of the body can be a target, except the head, any part of the body may be used to strike an opponent. This is a kickboxing that is a professional and amateur sport, a martial art, aerobic fitness program and a useful form of self-defense!

Talking about hitting multiple birds in one stone in a kickboxing class in Naperville-Chicago

! But you can also be assured that this strong and vigorous martial art class will teach you self-discipline and self-awareness at the same time. Discipline that will shape your thinking and behavior towards a more positive attitude in life leading you to reduced stress and healthier life. What more can you ask for!

But you might still further ask why is Muay Thai Chicago a recommended activity nowadays.

We can state that thru this program, you will have an excellent form of self-defense when you decide to enroll and be a part of a Naperville Kickboxing Gyms; that is the initial idea in the history of this martial art. It’s a must nowadays to be able to somehow be equipped with the knowledge on how you can be able to defend yourself when faced within a compromising situation most especially a threat from another person. And while aiming to learn how to protect yourself from external forces; in the internal aspects, it can further enhance your flexibility and stamina that will keep you revved up with strength and conditioning leading you to more confidence so as to enable you to reach new heights and broaden your horizon in handling and doing day to day life.

Your speed together with your strength will be harnessed to the next level making you do things you never thought you could. You can have all these and more once you take action to be part of a Kickboxing Gyms in Chicago


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We are looking for 50 people just like you to participate in our Kickboxing Training classes at all of our 6 locations (Naperville, Forest Park, Oswego, Orland Park, Chicago UIC campus and Lafayette, In) to test out our latest system of inspiring a person to get in the best shape of thier LIFE, become highly skilled in the basics of kickboxing technique and a mentally tough modern day warrior.

Even if your just a little interested, take us up on this limited time offer.


In our attempt to find some untapped potential fighters for our team we will be taking 50 people through a process of getting into the best shape of their life while getting mentaly stronger and more disciplined!

So, even if you never want to step foot in the cage through our Chicago-Naperville Kickboxing gyms you will learn how defend yourself, your self Confidence will shoot through the roof and your body will be leaner, stronger and healthier than ever before.

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