JKD - JEET KUNE DO TRAINING and it's Origins.


Jeet Kune Do - Jkd ChicagoIf you will be walking in one of the Lisle Jeet Kune Do trainings, and you are after to take a martial art wherein you can be able to go practical and simple; and wherein your mind will be prepared for a fight, definitely try considering Jeet Kune Do.

Not only that its roots trace back to the legendary Bruce Lee but because of the fact that it can potentially save your life using what is comfortable to you. Jeet Kune Do is translated as Way of the Intercepting Fist wherein it teaches to attack continually and viciously; it is not bounded by any rigid or one system structure for the real idea of this martial art is to never give your adversary any time to even react or think at all for it is when your challenger is down that the real attacking should be greatly at work.

But having mentioned the earlier points, JKD is still an ongoing development of self-discovery; but the use of any sort of fancy techniques is out of the question – just keep it real practical, useful and need to say‚Ķ simple. As what Bruce Lee would say, “Absorb what is Useful and Discard the Rest”. Though JKD uses simple and practical techniques, it does not mean that there is no order in this art for most martial artists practicing Jeet Kune Do, have an earlier study of another martial arts systems. Even the great Lee studied Wing Chun for 5 years until that infamous fight he has back then with another martial arts master during the time when he was in Oakland and he apparently has a problem with the Chinese martial arts community; that he has to defend himself in the challenge sent to him for the stakes state that if loses the fight, he’ll no longer teach non-Chinese but if he wins, he would earn the right to teach whomever he pleased without further conflict. Lee won the fight but he thought that the fight took too long and that Wing Chun had its limitations.

Having incorporated techniques from Wing Chun being the way of the fist, western Boxing and their footwork, including Muhammad Ali’s hand maneuvers, and wrestling techniques from Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, one can infer that Bruce Lee has indeed formed a set system of progression called Jun Fan Gung Fu. Then after conducting additional research and adding in some essential principles, strategies, and concepts Lee transformed Jun Fan Gung Fu into an art he named "Jeet Kune Do".

JKD follows concepts, philosophies, and principles but the techniques that one person will acquire varies to another; that’s the reason why one’s comfort level with the sport will go a long way toward keeping him involved and allowing him to progress quickly. Because we are uniquely made having different needs and goals for pursuing martial arts, there are really clear benefits ones you step up and be part of Chicago Jeet Kune Do Training. You can have a mind and body harmony as you greatly utilize the mind as your basis in the outcome of any given challenge; you’ll be more goal oriented and it will transcend to your every day life situations which means you become more confident, poised, and respected as you take things in a stride; the ever changing pacing of life will be more adaptable as you improve your coordination, endurance, power, mobility, speed, flexibility and balance.

To be in Arlington Heights Jeet Kune Do or Orland Park Jeet Kune Do sessions means a greater development of all these useful skills resulting to good work out relating to your overall fitness.