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Kickboxing gyms - Chicago, forest park, lisle, orland park, oswegoWe can look for historical evidence of boxing and it can lead us all the way back to the part of ancient stories of the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome wherein it was popularly played; it was factual that around 4,000 B.C, North Africa was already embracing this sport.

Boxing is also knows as pugilism or the sweet science but way back then, its roots depict of fights having crude rules where as boxers often indulged into fatal boxing rounds having no gloves and just with leather taped on to their bare hands. It was believed that during those times, the fighters were usually offenders and slaves playing to win and gain their independence. 

Nevertheless, there were also strong indications that free men also used to fight in competitions for the spirit of sport. Maybe there had been some sort of issues and some growing distraction in public life that Augutus and later on in 500 A.D, Theodoric banned the sport.

It was believed that the first signs of documented records took place in Britain in the year 1681 as the Duke of Albemarle launched a boxing competition between his butcher and butler for the mundane reason of amusement and pure fun. But it was in the years after that boxing was taken to a more official level instead of the bare-knuckle boxing contests held in amphitheaters all over England, when Jack Boughton, Father of Boxing, created the first set of rules for the sport and published it in 1743 as a result from a bout wherein he killed his opponent wayback 1741. But then it was in the year 1866, when Marquess of Queensberry and regarded also as boxing’s Patron Saint, John Sholto Douglass, approved to a new set of boxing rules that were title with his name; in these new rules, the 3-minute per round limit was introduced and the gouging and wrestling during the match was forbidden and wearing a gloves were now compulsory. With the popularity of boxing spreading at large, it was then included for the first ever in the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Games. Later on, year 1927 marked the beginning of a sanctioning body that governs over boxing and that is the National Boxing Association; and until today, 3 sanctioning bodies dominate the boxing world, i.e., WBC, IBF, and WBA.

With the unraveling of the historical background of boxing, we can see how it became as the sport it’s now recognized globally. Variations in the sport as it has been nowadays being adapted in different fitness programs like that of Naperville Kickboxing. and Lisle Illinois Cardio Kickboxing. Training in boxing doesn’t mean you have to be in actual boxing world title championships of any sort like that of Manny Pacquiao. Have you wondered how powerful it can be to you and your body and how enjoyable it can totally get once you get involved and really start working on it?

Your cardiovascular really needs some major considerations and this is exactly the physical benefit you can achieve and benefit by doing boxing or kickboxing you may say. Activities that definitely branch out by being in Orland Park Illinois Cardio kickboxing includes running, push-ups, sit-ups, punching a heavy bag or focus mitts can get that circulation of yours into really good flow and definitely will make you stronger and it can burn 350 to 500 calories less than an hour.

It also helps the heart beat regularly at 75 percent to 85 percent; your speed, coordination and overall fitness will be greatly harnessed. Wanting to release that awful stress? Now, we are talking! Not only that boxing can improve your physical aspects but your mental attributes as well. Discipline is greatly practiced with this kind of sport and the development of confidence, determination, patience and focus as well. With Forest Park Cardio Kickboxing, your determination and focus will drive you to train harder every time you do this program.


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