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If you are Looking for MMA Gyms or Classes In Chicago AND You are READY to Feel Inspired...Read On

YOU watch the UFC and all the other MMA Shows...Now, it's time to give yourself the chance to Get Some MMA Training and Get in the Best shape of your life and Find the CHAMPION in YOU!


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Now You Can start MMA Training and take MMA classes at the Nations Top Amatuer MMA Gyms For 14 days FREE!

 That's Right! 

We are looking for 50 people just like you to participate in our MMA Training classes in Chicago to see if we can transform a person that had little or no past training into a lean and fit modern day warrior.

Even if your just a little interested, take us up on this limited time free offer.


In our attempt to find some untapped potential fighters for our team we will be taking 50 people through a process of getting into the best shape of their life while getting mentaly stronger and more disciplined!

So, even if you never want to step foot in the cage through our MMA training you will learn how defend yourself, your self Confidence will shoot through the roof and your body will be leaner, stronger and healthier than ever before.

What's next?

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Free Phone Consultation covering your Goals for getting started (valued at $27)
2 FREE Weeks of our Award winning MMA Training (Valued at $79)
* ENROLLMENT FEE is waived! (Valued at $100)
* SAVE and additonal 25% on Professional boxing gloves.

That's OVER $150 in freebies just for giving us the chance to INSPIRE you. 

Why are we doing this?

Because we LOVE what we do and are Confident you will too!

Were looking for Men, Women and teenagers over 15.

* NOTE - starred items apply only for participants who filled out the form and descide to enroll after the 2 weeks are up.

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Enter The Short Form below and you will get a FREE Pass for 2 weeks and also receive a Bonus-Beginners Seminar. Our Program Director Will be Contacting you within 24 hours.

Were looking for Men, Women and teenagers over 15.


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What Will you Learn in our Chicago MMA Classes?


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the Grappling arts:

The skills of jujitsu will teach you to make your opponent surrender without really hurting them.

It's a great workout, safe and fun to learn.

During your training you will develop excellent core muscles and strengthen those abs! Many say that it actually has cured lower back pains.


Kickboxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing:

Everyone LOVES to kick and punch!

When you first start doing Muay Thai Kickboxing you will notice that you are shedding fat like crazy and your cardio and enrgy levels become amazing.

It never gets boring because there are so many techniques to learn and because your learning you actually even forget your working out. Hitting those pads is such a stress relief!


Jeet Kune Do:

Never heard of it?

This is Bruce Lee's philosphy on how to look at martial arts training. He was a genius that taught us how to blend the differnt styles of martial arts together to make your own personal style for your body type and strengths.

JKD also helps us to understand how to relate our training into our everyday life and helps us to become mentally stronger and centered. This is a very rare art to be taught and there are only a few certified Instructors in Illinois that can teach it.


A Formula for Success!

You will be taught all the above martial arts diciplines in a safe and fun enviorment from top quality certified instructors that know what there teaching and want to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

But your at a crossroads...

You see, you came to this page because you were looking for something, something to motivate you to challenge yourself. We understand that!

So, now IS the time to start feeling ALIVE again.

Do something differnt, fun and exciting and you just might say to your self "why didn't I just jump on this sooner".

"If you Don't do anything differnt today than tomorrow will be no differnt than yesterday"

In your corner,

Kickboxing chicago

VMAA Founder and Master Instructor

MMA training chicago


PS. Remember, we have 50 spots open and 11 of them have already been filled! we don't want to have to put you on a waiting list so if your even remotely interested fill out the form and at least come in a watch a will be hooked - it's just to fun and exciting!


Brazilian jiu jitsu

Check This Out

One of our students was featured in Men's Fitness Magazine

Thai kick boxing

 Could you be the next Success Story?


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Watch What Some our Mixed Martial Arts Chicago Students are Saying about training at Victory...


You are at a crossroads, sometimes a choice for one action can set off a NEW SEASON in your life

Take Action and now and start to Train MMA classes in Chicago at a WORLD CLASS gym that will both Motivate and Inspire You!

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Victory MMA Gyms Locations

Victory Martial Arts Naperville
1003 West Ogden Avenue
Naperville , IL , 60565 
(331) 330-7501

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Victory Martial Arts Orland Park Academy
15414 South 70th Court
Orland Park , IL , 60462 
(708) 275-4250

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Victory Martial Arts Academy Chicago MMA Training
704 West Maxwell Street
Chicago , IL , 60607 
(312) 909-7751

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Victory Martial Arts
1401 Circle Avenue
Forest Park , IL , 60130 
(708) 524-1553

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MMA Victory Martial Arts Lafayette
2439 south Earl ave
Lafayette , IN , 47905 

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