MMA Training in Orland Park and MMA Training in Forest Park can be Fun if you know this secret...


Mixed Martial Arts Forest ParkOver the past 25 years of mixed martial arts training I have developed a  ca  comprehensive plan for learning and maxamizing every mma training session.

I want to share with you one of the key strategies that have dramatically helped me
learn techniques and apply them VERY quickly.


MMA Training is a process of rewiring your mind and body to do something it's not use to
doing. This process takes repetition and not just repetition alone but correct repetition.

When you practice a move wrong 50 times it takes 5000 reps to correct that pattern.

However, if you practice a rep correctly it takes 500 reps of doing it right to burn it into
your body and make it correct.

In the average months practice you get about 80 reps of any given technique.
If the first 80 are done right you only have another 420 to go in order for it to be natural.

So perfecting your technique during the month is crucial to your success.

Here is a 4 step process to start off on the right foot when learning techniques...

  1. Make sure you pay very close attention to every step as the instructor explains the technique.In fact, count out the steps to yourself.
  2. Slow Repping: When you go to practice the technique the first time, train it in a SUPER slow fashion piecing together every step. If the technique has 4 main parts then be sure to do each step slowly and deliberately.
  3. Count your reps: before even attempting to do it in moderate pace make sure you get 25 super slow reps(Remember this is not the place for conditioning, you can do that at the end of class =-). )
  4. Train each technique with your eyes closed on your own before and after class.

Using this 4 step process to learning will increase your accuracy in every technique and will separate you from the rest of the crowd.

Are you willing to take the time to do this kind of training? Most do not and their skills are sub par as a result.

When you practice this way when it is time to spar or live training you will be grateful that you implemented this process. It takes DISCIPLINE.

I have trained with many of the top mma fighters in the world...the thing that separates them is not conditioning! It's their SKILL set.

You must realize that there are times to train hard and times to train smart - when you are learning something new and trying to embedd a new technique into your game it's the time to train smart!


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