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Learn Why Your Level Of Self Confidence is Invisibly Controling Your Destiny & Could be HARMING you without you noticing it...


Dearest Friends & Proteges,
Self Confidence is Faith in what is Unique about you.
I am not talking about personality or persona - those are things you create, not the difference that you were born with.
Self Confidence is the Rock Solid persuasion that you can achieve the goals you have established.
The RESULTS of Self Confidence is an aura of Enthusiasm, hope and expectation in your inner man as well as your environment.
Self Confidence inspires others around you & causes doubt in your adversary.
It also attracts the RIGHT people, and decides every success.

Self Confidence frequently starts as a tiny spark to reach and become more than you are in your present.

Self Confidence is VITAL to achieving your Dreams, reaching your potential and living a life that worth living.


3 Golden Keys to Develop Your Self Confidence


1. Recognize that Self Doubt Creates Tragedies and Loss.

Everyone has doubts.

But understand that doubt is the specter that provides the resistance needed to become Self Confident.
We get into trouble when we accept these thoughts of doubt as truth, which they are not. We do not have to accept every thought as truth.

Oftentimes these Doubts are based on past experiences or what others have said to you about you.
But you are NOT your PAST. Nor are you what others say about you.

So here is the ACTION ITEM: When you recognize a thought of Doubt. Simply DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS. When I get a thought of doubt I simply say " I Doubt that's True!".

My Mind says: " You will never_____________"
I say: " I doubt that's true"

2. Identify your Unique Gifts, talents and skills.

Everyone has been born with special inherit qualities.
These things are hidden from years of persuasion from bad experiences and what other negative people with no Self Confidence have said to you and about you.


That's why I love Martial Arts training and think its one of the best Vehicles of personal  development.

Martial Arts provides a unique challenge that is as old as mankind itself & forces one to SEE and DISCOVER what are the strengths you have been born with.

Once your STRENGTHS have been uncovered something almost magical happens - you become more Self Confident!

Naperville Martial Arts GymsThat Self Confidence Allow you to look at your weaknesses and challenge them as well, which breeds more self confidence.

The Challenges you face through martial arts training is a discovery process and this path also births the guard against conceit or False Confidence - HUMILITY.

When Self Confidence is working in harmony with Humility it become your Unstoppable force to achieving your DREAMS & Reaching your POTENTIAL.

Use your martial arts training to discover unique aspects inside you that you never knew where there. I cannot stress how POWERFUL this is.

3. Strive for Mastery in Something today.

In our culture, mediocrity is accepted and often encouraged. Just look at what entertains us on TV.

It may make us laugh, but were crying inside.
We want to be inspired. Everything in us wants to see someone overcome obstacles and REACH their potential. We all love to hear a HEROS story!

But, we have forgotten that when we discover our skills, gifts and talents through the path of mastery over something our Self Confidence emerges.

If we never cultivate our gifts, talents and skills we have nothing to be confident about.

Sadly, our culture has now become complacent in starting something and quitting many different things which breeds NO Confidence.

And worse yet, instead of seeking MASTERY we seek MATERIALISM to compensate for what we have not developed through diligence in hope that what we HAVE will make us feel worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this does not help us to discover the unique GIFTS that the creator endows each one of us with.

Especially, when we can just buy something that makes us feel good about ourselves. This does not lead to Self Confidence but only to Self Conceit, which is unattractive and destructive.

That's why I have always believed that Martial Arts classes and training is one of the most suitable paths for these discoveries.


Because Martial Arts provides the challenges needed for these qualities to appear and also because there is not a one just one quality that determines being a master of the martial arts.

In fact, it seems that almost any unique gift,talent or skill can be amplified in martial arts classes that can be used as the seed toward Martial Arts Mastery and developing a healthy Self Confidence.

But, on the path toward Martial Arts Mastery things like Goal Setting, Focus and Self Discipline will always be cultivated and the student is almost forced to master these key success ingredients in order to progress...when Goal Setting, Focus and Self Discipline develop in the student training Martial Arts classes Self Confidence grows by default as a reward for the time put in.

I would also say that Martial Arts is one of the only paths that develop a holistic benefit for the Body, Mind and Spirit. Not all Sports and activities can say that.

One more important aspect of training at a Martial Arts School is that because it impossible to Master martial arts through a book, a student needs to learn it from a teacher and this breeds HUMILTY  (knowing what you don't have). 

Martial Arts also breeds respect when a student comes to see that although many students can be taught the same technique, all will perform it differently dependent upon their uniqueness.
We learn to RESPECT other peoples uniqueness.

The last thing that I want to mention is, because everyone on the path to mastering the martial arts also must put in much time it develops persistence and patience.
There is no shortcut for even the most gifted. This is very valueable and will make you stand out in the sea of people that regularly quit and accept mediocratiy.

Self Confidence is not something that you produce out of thin air.

It is developed through discovery using a vehicle like martial arts training that provides a challenge.


REWARDS of Self Confidence.


Your Self Confidence is a understanding of WHO you are and BECOMING.

This gives you a remarkable edge in overcoming adversity, reaching for goals and being likeable.

In fact, your level of Self Confidence has been steering your decisions in the background at all times.

It affects your relationships, your level of success and your willingness to tackle the obstacles that you are facing.

Develop a healthy Self Confidence by implementing these 3 Golden Keys today.
You will start feeling alive and sense of happiness in your discovery of your potential of what you were born to become.

In your corner,

Naperville Martial Arts Classes

Dion Riccardo
Founder VMAA




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