Learn Why NOW is the Best Time To Start Martial Arts Training and How Starting NOW will Radically Effect Your Life in a Very Positive way.


Dear Friend,


A while back you contacted me about getting started with martial arts training. 

But for some reason we did not connect, Maybe it just wasn't the right time.

I'm sure that you are like so many of our students that want RAZOR SHARP FOCUS,  A SLIM FIT BODY and MENTAL TOUGHNESS. 

You want your self Confidence to Soar and feel ALIVE and ready to CONQUER!

Wouldn't that be AWESOME?
If not STOP reading now and just exit this page.

But if you are ready for a POSITIVE change, we have something very special to offer you at NO COST!

Right now at Victory Martial Arts Academy we are celebrating our 15 years of helping our students to become the people they desire to become.

You're on this page because you're on our special update list and receiving this BEFORE we blast this very special offer to the general public. 

Here it is: 

You or Your loved one can start receiving the Incredible Benefits of Training at Victory Martial Arts Academy and make no payments until Jan 1 2013!

That's Right! You can train in Exciting Martial Arts Classes at absolutely No Cost to you till Jan 1, 2013.

Why would we do something like this?

You showed interest in our program but did not take ACTION.

After 15 years of training people in the Martial Arts and helping to Impact peoples lives in a positive way we have had so many people come to us 7 months after they initially filled out our webform online and come in and enroll.

In almost every case they say " We wish we would have came in when we first inquired about classes".

I'm sure you have felt that way about other things that you had to delay starting. That's why we want to make it absolutely simple for you to get started NOW!

But that's not the ONLY reason...

We want you to have plenty and ample time to try Martial Arts Training at Victory and feel the results of the way we teach our classes.

Our students report that just after 30 days of training at Victory they feel a very noticeable difference in:

Their fitness level and the compliments from others that come along with being in shape
Their level of Focus and Confidence to attempt to achieve more at school, work or home.
Their ability to handle everyday obstacles and challenges without feeling like giving up all the time.

But don't take my word for it.


Listen To What Some Of Our Students Are Saying About the Life Changing Results They Are Getting From Training At Victory...

"The confidence I have gained is priceless" 

In the short time I have been involved in the class I have learned more practical skills than I did with 3 years of tai-kwon-do. The classes have been geared towards my line of work and have made me aware of the many dangers facing me in the street and how to defend myself from them. The confidence I have gained is priceless. I recommend this class to anyone serious about their job. It really makes you a better person

Armando Dominguez,
Police Officer


"They go way beyound just teaching Martial Arts"

There are no words to propperly describe what Victory means to me and my children. They go way beyound just teaching Martial Arts. Morals,self control, self esteem,self discipline are encorporated into every class.It’s not just words, it the actions the instructors demonstrate to the students as well. You become a family member at Victory. On a personal note, fighting cancer right now and trying to get the children there is often difficult. I have not once been there and not had an instructor ask how I am. They give my children the support they need as they too deal with this disease. Victory instructors…… you are our FAMILY!!!!!


Kim Cozzi
Forest Park Acadmey Student & Instructor
After just 60 days of Free Martial Arts Training At Victory, we intensely believe it will be a NO BRAINER to stick with the new Habit and Lifestyle of training at our World Class Martial Arts School because of the RESULTS you have received.

You have nothing to lose. The time spent getting started will not be wasted.

Can We Go Over A FEW DETAILS That YOU Might Be Wondering About?

You can take us up on this special offer by filling out the form below but please read this next part carefully

Can I be frank and upfront with you?

If after Jan 1 2013, you don't want to continue we will understand, shake hands and part as friends. 
It's as simple as that!

Like I said before, there is NO COST until Jan 1 2013, however if you do continue you will automatically be put on our basic level program which normally costs $135 per month. BUT because you took us up on this special offer you will be able to enroll in our basic 2 day per week program at $99 per month. 

We are not like other schools in the area that make you sign a long term contract of 9 to 12 months. We simply don't believe in doing that!
You can cancel your membership at anytime (we just ask that you give us 30 days notice). 

We don't LOCK our students in, we make our classes, environment and commitment to getting you or your loved ones results that MOTIVATE you to stay with us and keep reaching for your goals.

We can only do this for the FIRST 100 People to ACT- That's 20 people per our 5 Locations.

And just so we know that you are serious about the RESULTS you want to get, we will require credit card info or a voided Check to start this special trial program.

WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU ANYTHING UNTIL Jan 1 2013 but if you do not tell us that you don't want to continue on our special $99 month to month Basic Beginners program before Jan 1 we will assume you are going to continue pursuing getting RESULTS with your new Martial Arts Training lifestyle at Victory.

Why do we require this?

Because we can only accept 20 new students per location who take us up on this very special offer we need to make sure that you are as serious as we are about getting the RESULTS and IMPACT our programs offer.

Make sense?

This offer is good for our Kids Martial Arts, Adult Mixed Martial Arts, Kick boxing-Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu programs!

This is the BEST time to get started. 

Why Is It Important to Get Started Now and Take This Simple Action?

Year after Year people want to make changes after the first of the year.

However, studies show that 93% of people who make new years resolutions DO NOT stick with it.

I admit there is always a DESIRE to make positive changes at the start of a new year.
But why do so many people fail at making big Changes and stick with their commitment?

Here is the secret...

They neglect to create Momentum BEFORE the new year comes. 

You see, you have a 87% better chance of sticking with a new routine if you start it BEFORE the NEW YEAR because of the MOMENTUM factor.

When you start a new positive routine before you set your goals for the next year momentum will carry you to those goals!

Your Success is hidden in your daily routines.

Are you ready?

I believe in you, believe in yourself and make 2013 your best year ever.

Fill out the form below and one of our Program Directors will contact you ASAP to answer any additional questions you may have, discuss your goals for you or your child and set up a time to come in.

In your corner,

Martial Arts Classes

Dion Riccardo
Victory Martial Arts Founder
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