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I want to make it simple for you. Please read on.


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Oct 1, 2012


Dear Friend,


Thank you for visiting the Victory Mixed Martial Arts Academy website!

You are already aware that martial arts is a great way to get in fantastic shape but what most people do not know is how mixed martial arts can help you to develop many other areas like focus and discipline, at least the way we teach it here at Victory.

But before you join any Naperville, IL mixed martial arts school, I want to arm you with some important things you should know that will certainly save you some time and maybe even some money. You need to know what to look for in an MMA class, and the plain truth is that most people don't know what they should look for.

There are so many times new martial arts students come in and tell me, "I am so glad I read the info on your website before I actually picked a Naperville MMA gym."

It always makes me smile to know that I helped someone decide where to enroll because I know if they get off on the right track from the start of their experience, they will stick with it and get all the very unique benefits that training provides.

Now, some people that come to our website are friends of some of our current Victory students or were specifically looking for our school. If that is you, let me give you the links to our specific classes' pages:


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Naperville Kids Martial Arts Classes-gyms-schools

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 Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Naperville  Kids Martial Arts Lessons in Naperville 

Naperville Kickboxing Classes

Ready to learn the "Three Critical Success Factors to Finding the RIGHT Mixed Martial Arts School in Naperville"?


You can either watch the video or read on.


 Naperville Mixed Martial Arts Classes-gyms-schoolsAtmosphere & Culture

This may be the single most important factor in having a great experience in learning self-defense. You see, martial arts schools often fall into three categories. Here they are:


The Dungeon Dojo: These schools are common. You can tell these schools from the very first phone call. Owners of these types of schools seem very disinterested in you and your goals. They are very quick to set an appointment with you and never ask any real questions about your objectives. These gyms may have very talented instructors, but they often lack professionalism and are not organized in curriculum, business procedures, and administration.

Summary: The Dungeon Dojo is usually owned by a part time school owner that is not 100% dedicated to your goals, and the lack of organization greatly affects the training experience.


The Pure Business School: This type of school is mainly interested in what the students can do for them. Students often report feeling like they were "nickled and dimed". When you walk into this type of gym, it often looks very polished. However, because this type of martial arts school is solely interested in business, it often lacks in character and real care for its students.

Summary: The Pure Business School has the benefits of a clean and well organized facility, but the personal connection that is so vital to learning is often non-existent. To add, they oftentimes have very inexperienced or very young instructors teaching on the floor to save in costs.


The Personal Martial Arts School: In these schools (which are rare), you will instantly feel from the very first call that you're not just a number. They will ask you your goals, take time to answer all of your questions, and offer you a free trial to make sure you like it. When you enter the gym, you will feel welcomed, not only by the staff, but more importantly, by the current students.

Summary: The Personal Martial Arts School is very interested in teaching a well organized class that gets results for the students because they want to see them succeed.

You get the feeling that business is not the most important thing, but the individual is. Since martial arts is a personal journey, there must be personal attention. The culture is one of mutual respect. There is a formal professional feel, but not overly formal where it feels like a show. The students are smiling during class because they are happy to be there, progressing each time they come.


As you have just read, not all training gyms are the same and the atmosphere and culture of the school is the principle success factor in getting the most out of your lessons.

A friendly atmosphere and culture of respect of a martial arts school coupled with personal attention create the perfect environment for learning. Anything less than that will foster less than optimal results. Finding a Naperville, IL mixed martial arts school with these qualities will ensure you will reach your goals.


Kids Martial Arts classes in NapervilleCurriculum & Teaching Style

A common misconception is that most martial arts schools work from an organized and well thought out curriculum.

Why is it important for gyms to use a curriculum?

Imagine for a moment if schools and universities did not teach using a set flow of topics and the instructor came in to class daily to teach whatever they felt like teaching that day. That scenario makes it virtually impossible for students to measure their progress effectively.

Let me be brutally honest. If the goal of a martial arts gym, or any type of educational institution for that matter, is to keep the student for as long as possible - the best way to do that would be to NOT teach using an organized curriculum because the pupils would progress very slowly.

However, if the goal of the gym is to create results for the students, they will have a method and a process for them to experience and help them reach their goals within a predictable length of time.

An organized curriculum will allow trainees to learn the fundamentals and build upon them as well as give them a sufficient amount of time to learn, work, and develop their skills before moving onto something else.

Teaching something new in every class is a tactic to keep students interested, but everyone knows that repetition is the mother of skill. A great instructor works on a set of skills for at least a month and has the wisdom to disguise the repetition to keep it fresh and make it fun. Additionally, the trainer takes the time to personally assess if the students have grasped the skills they have been working on. Anything less will create subpar results.

Here are CRUCIAL Questions to Ask Any Instructor About Curriculum and Teaching Style


As you do the research to find the right martial arts school, be sure to ask these questions to potential instructors and listen carefully to their answers with the knowledge you now have.


Naperville Muay Thai Kickboxing Gyms-schools-classes Is there a monthly set of lessons being taught to students?

Naperville Muay Thai Kickboxing Gyms-schools-classes Is there a method to check their progress after they have learned these skills?

Naperville Muay Thai Kickboxing Gyms-schools-classes If a curriculum is being used, how long will it take to achieve a black belt?



Mixed Martial Arts Classes in NapervilleOffers, Contracts, & Tuition

This is where I get myself into trouble with other school owners.

Still, I am committed to giving you the truth because I have been training martial arts for almost 30 years and running my own schools for 23 years. I want you to have every possible advantage and the chance to gain all the unique benefits and results that I have taught over 5,000 Chicagoland martial arts students in all my years of operating training gyms.

I started martial arts training when I was 14. Ever since, I have dedicated my time to teaching it because I saw how it changed my life in a profound way, and I know it can change yours and your child’s as well. Unlike many sports and activities, martial arts has a unique way of developing unshakeable confidence, razor sharp focus, and personal self-discipline.

These are qualities that affect every area of your life, and every single person on earth can benefit from cultivating these qualities on purpose if you choose the right school - just like how you would pick the right university to attend based on the result you want to get.

I have personally trained at countless gyms across the country and even went to Japan to take classes. What I can tell you is that not all schools are the same. Always remember that the way they conduct business tells you everything about your future experience with it.


Offers - Your First Experience


The "right" school will offer a free trial of at least one week, better yet two weeks. Here's why.

If they notice that their students feel like they have found the “right” school, their instructors should encourage them to try classes for at least a week. This displays their confidence.

Well-run martial arts academies want you to come in and feel the culture and environment and experience the curriculum and teaching style before you make any kind of commitment. They are more concerned with your experience, rather than trying to persuade you into making a buying decision before you are ready.

If a gym offers a paid trial like $19.99 for a week with a free uniform, run and run quickly.

Schools that have this kind of paid introductory course are putting their needs above yours. Worse yet, if they do not offer any free trials but want you to commit right away, it shows their lack of confidence in their skills and methods to provide instruction that students want to commit to.



Contracts - Is There a Need for Them?


Most people have gone through the pain of dealing with a long term contract. Maybe you wanted to change cell phone carriers, but it felt like pulling teeth just to have the service terminated. Long term contracts protect the business not the consumer.

I know this will make many school owners mad at me, but it breaks my heart every time I have a prospective student come to me and tell me that they are stuck in a three-year contract that they can't get out of. There is no need for this type of business practice and it has no place in what we do.

A good martial arts institution has no fear of students leaving. They focus on having great classes that students want to attend and they are confident in what they teach, how they teach it and in the culture and environment of their school.

A reasonable contract for enrolling needs to be nothing more than a month to month agreement with a 30-day cancel policy.

I understand (probably more than most other martial arts school owners) that everyone has rent and bills to pay. However, locking students into a long term contract does not display confidence that they can give you the results you first enrolled for. Simply put, if they are professional and work with passion, students will want to stay and be proud of where they are enrolled in.

My fellow school owners - if you are reading this - we must raise the standards of our gyms and change the way we take care of our enrollees. We should answer their needs, and our business will grow like mine has.



Tuition - What are Classes Worth?


I often ask new black belts when they graduate if they would trade their journey to black belt (meaning trade all the benefits and qualities they have gained) for $50,000.00. Every single time, without fail, they answer with a resounding "No Way!"

The value of what a student gains through training is completely invaluable. Nevertheless, the tuition needs to be realistic and reasonable, unless the school is more concerned with becoming a Fortune 500 company more than becoming significant in their trainees’ life.

As I said, there are rent and bills to pay, but owners need to be realistic. The economy is tougher than ever and people are really feeling it. It is a shame to take advantage of people that need more confidence, focus, and self-discipline.

Expensive pricing does not mean higher quality. If the school is reputable and cares about each student, it will provide a reasonable fee that most people can afford. After all, if an enrollee is struggling to make their payments, it will affect the most important element in the experience - learning!

A school with the right focus has a reasonable rate, and the students are satisfied, learning, and growing. Happy trainees give glowing reviews, introduce others to the school, become your partners in growing the gym naturally, and many times, become future instructors.

It's my belief that when you take care of your students and set prices that they can afford, they will take care of you.


Bonus Tip - Digging Deeper


In today's age of the internet, you can research about a gym's reputation through social media. If they have a Facebook fan page, go to it and look around - it can tell you a lot about a school. Check also their reviews on Google Places. If the school has a YouTube channel, look at it as well.

Many of their websites have video reviews coming from their students. Listen carefully to what you hear and look for consistencies, how they talk about their environment, and how they feel about the instructors and classes.


My Closing Thoughts for You


I hope that you found reading this page valuable in making a decision in finding the right martial arts school to get involved in. You already know that taking up martial arts such as jiu jitsu in Naperville will truly benefit you in almost immeasurable ways.

There are many MMA academies around the area to choose from. Hopefully, you feel more prepared after reading this in finding the ideal school or gym and experience.

Like I said before, martial arts has changed my life and made me who I am today, and I am confident it can do the same for you and your loved ones. I simply want you to be focused in your search so that there will be nothing standing in your way.

I get very upset when I meet people who say they tried martial arts but did not stay with it and they were not able to achieve their goals. I get mad when I know it was the school's fault.

If I can help you in any way, please contact me at (331) 330-7501.


In Your Corner,

Naperville kids Mixed Martial Arts schools-gyms-classes

Victory Martial Arts Naperville
1003 West Ogden Avenue
Naperville , IL , 60565 
(331) 330-7501

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