What You Need to Know Before Talking to Any MMA Instructor



Whether you have just become interested in training in Mixed Martial Arts or you are a seasoned fighter, the instructor you choose to train with will have a huge influence on you, what you are able to learn and the effectiveness of your techniques. There are a few important things you need to know and think about before you make a decision about your instructor.


First and foremost, you need to take a hard look at yourself. Do some soul searching and be honest with yourself. Why do you want to train in MMA? What do you want to achieve? Do you just want the workout or are you looking to compete? Are you trying to get in shape or learn to defend yourself in a street fight? What is your personal philosophy, not just about training or fighting, but about life in general? You will not find an mma instructor in Chicago or a gym that will fit you, your style, philosophy and goals unless you know what they are to begin with. It is important that you understand yourself so that you are able to choose to train in an atmosphere that supports and encourages the things that are important to you. Simply picking an instructor or a gym because they are really popular or because the instructor has a great fight record is not a good idea.


Once you know yourself, search for an instructor that has a personal philosophy that matches your own as closely as possible. Do your research. Use the internet, and talk to people who have had experience with that instructor. Check out the instructor’s record. Remember, everything you read on the internet is not necessarily true. Learn the instructor’s background. What martial arts styles has he trained in and for how long?


Be careful, there are a lot of MMA trainers-for-hire out there that have limited knowledge in a variety of styles or who have trained in some styles for very short periods of time just so they can list it in their advertising. A good mma instructor should have a varied background and be able to teach strong fundamentals.


Finally, go talk to the mixed martial arts instructor in Chicago and watch a few classes. Ask for a free mma trial class. Watch how the mixed martial arts instructor works with his students. Does the mma teacher clearly explain technique? Or does he rush from one point to the next. Is he patient and attentive with the students? Or is he busy talking about himself. A good instructor should be open, straightforward and honest about himself, his gym and his training. He should be able to clearly explain techniques and should make sure you understand before moving on. An ounce of humility goes a long way in making a good teacher. Be cautious of guys who are full of themselves or clearly think they are better then anyone around.


The best fighters know that there is always someone better or faster then you. Most braggarts fall faster they anyone else. Fighters with real success and skill let their records do the talking for them. And if you want to compete, be leery of any instructor that tells you that you won’t get hit in the face if you follow his techniques. Everyone, no matter how good they are, gets hit in the face.


In short, look for an mma coach and gyms who has the skills, knowledge, attitude and record you want for yourself. Don’t sign up with anyone until you understand yourself and what you are really looking for from your training. Make sure the instructor you choose will be able to get you where you want to go through his experience, training style, teaching techniques and personal philosophy. Don’t rely on what you see in print. Find out as much as you can then go see for yourself. Watch out for training studios that offer MMA training in Chicago only as a fitness class, unless that is what you are after. Mixed Martial Arts training in Chicago is more then just a means of self-defense or a type of sports competition. If can be incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun if you find the right people to learn from and train in the right atmosphere. Great for adults and kids!



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