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Why is mixed martial arts training in Naperville-Chicago catching the attention of big business?


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Naperville-Chicago, December 4, 2012 -  MMA or mixed martial arts is capturing the focus of many people these days.
In fact, with the popularity of the UFC it's quickly becoming one of the most popular and
accepted sports in the world.

There is also a high demand for mixed martial arts classes in almost every area of the United States.
MMA gyms are popping up everywhere in the country. Big cities and rural areas alike are now hosting mixed martial arts schools where average people can start MMA training.

We are now seeing big companies incorporating MMA in their marketing campaigns.

Recently, a major video camera company has created a commercial of mixed martial arts in Naperville and also at mixed martial arts gyms in Chicago to promote their new axiom video camera.

The mma commercial demonstrated the camera unique way of capturing sports related footage and was shot entirely with the new video camera.

Dion Riccardo Owner of Victory Martial Arts Academy said " Everyone knows martial arts is a great way to get in shape but now the public is beginning to recognize that mixed martial arts training is also a great way to build razor sharp focus, a iron will of discipline and mental toughness to overcome obstacles".

" It's just not kicking and punching and it's not just for tough people. It helps develop more well rounded tough but humble people"

Riccardo also said " we are in a social climate ripe for this type of training. It brings people closer to what they truly value and helps them to grow in many ways. Mixed Martial Arts training helps men, women and kids develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Their is not many other activities that can boast the development of all those areas from just simply taking a classes."

Many more woman and children are finding out that mixed martial arts training is not violent and doesn't produce aggression, that simply a misconception.

Their is no doubt that mixed martial arts training classes are growing in popularity and big business is starting to take notice of the growing interest of average people training in mixed martial arts gyms everywhere in the world.

You can view the mixed martial arts classes commercial here.

Victory Martial Arts Academies has 5 Chicagoland MMA gyms and conduct MMA CLASSES in Chicago, Naperville, Forest park and Orland Park Illinois. They are touted as the nations top amateur MMA gym.

For more info:

Victory Martial Arts Naperville
1003 West Ogden Avenue
Naperville , IL , 60565
(331) 330-7501

Victory Martial Arts Orland Park Academy
15414 South 70th Court
Orland Park , IL , 60462
(708) 275-4250

Victory Martial Arts Chicago
329 W 18th St
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 909-7751
Victory Martial Arts
1401 Circle Avenue
Forest Park , IL , 60130
(708) 524-1553

MMA Victory Martial Arts Lafayette
2439 south Earl ave
Lafayette , IN , 47905

Victory Martial Arts Academy is the quickly becoming the Nations Top Amatuer MMA gyms. They serve over 600 mma students in their 5 locations. They offer Fun, Safe and clean MMA gyms and the mixed martial arts classes leave students Inspired and Motivated after every class.

For more information you can contact them at the phone numbers below or simply fill out the form below.


Would you like to talk to someone about Victory Martial Arts & Get Our FREE 14 Day Introductory Program.

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